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Where the elite meet to fly stuff

Pilotgasm - Where fictional pilots meet to...
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A place to drool over fictional pilots from any fandom. Fic, icons, fanart, vids, whatever.
Pretty much anything goes here, provided at least one of the main characters is a fictional pilot. I'm hoping for fic of any flavor, fanart, vids, meta, icons, and whatever else anyone feels like creating. Any fanfic posted here doesn't necessarily have to include the actual act of piloting. As far as I'm concerned, if the fandom itself is pilot-centered, the story doesn't have to be. So if you want to write an AU wherein Kara Thrace is a NASCAR driver, or John Sheppard is a fishing instructor, that's fine.

I'd rather stay away from anything to do with real-life pilots. If you have suggestions for the comm, let me know!

Long posts, more than one photo, more than 4 icons, etc. should go under an lj-cut. Just for the sake of my ocd.

If you want to tag your own entries, go ahead, otherwise I'll just do it as things are posted.

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